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Battle of Shrewsbury 1403 Sir Robert Mavesyn

In my Battle of Shrewsbury painting there is a character who has been knocked down by an arrow situated in the centre of the picture. This knight is Sir Robert Mavesyn who died at the battle in 1403 fighting for King Henry IV against  Sir Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) 

The 19th century monument to Sir Robert Mavesyn, who was killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 is situated in the Church of St Nicholas, Mavesyn Ridware, Note the small shields displaying his coat of arms.
Sir Robert's story is interesting as he survived single combat before the battle.

He had been in a longstanding feud with his neighbour Sir William Handsacre. Sir William supported the rebel Henry Percy, otherwise known as Hotspur, whilst Sir Robert supported Henry IV. 

‘As early as 1382 Robert Mavesyn had leased to John Hammond, fisherman, his fishery in the Trent at Bryggewater, between Handsacre and the Oxonholme Pool, and the miller, one Robert Mulner, got into dispute as to the boundary of the two parishes at the mill dam and floodgates. The dispute resulted in a feud and an affray, ending in a riot, in which the mill was burnt and Lawrence de Frodesley, of the Handsacre party was killed by the Mavesyns.’

On the eve of the Battle of Shrewsbury, the two knights met at the river Trent  and proceeded to take part in single combat.

Sir William was killed and Sir Robert carried on to Shrewsbury to fight with the king.

During the battle he was killed.
My unfinished painting of the Battle. Sir Robert hit by an arrow. (To see the painting in full  click on the link below).

A relief frieze of the story is situated in the church.

The Mavesyn Chapel
It is believed the church was founded in 1140 by Hugo de Mavesyn  who's effigy is seen here on the left.

The name ‘Mavesyn’ is derived from the name and family of Malvoisin, a French knight who came by the manor following the Conquest. The name reputedly means dangerous neighbour, being French for a siege tower that was constructed to attack castles in the Dark Ages. 

The painting will show Sir Robert with his coat of arms born on his jupon.

To see my painting of the battle follow 

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