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In this July 2015 issue of Hogtown Heraldry, the newsletter of the Toronto Branch, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada you will find an article about my artwork. I am on page 8.
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Crowood Offices
The Crowood Press was founded in 1982 by John Dennis, who remains the company's owner and Chairman. John not only commissioned the first title, Long Distance Casting, but also edited and designed it, completing the paste-up on the kitchen table. When it was published he, along with his wife Tina, spent hours packing and despatching copies to 

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Other interesting sites

Effigies and Brasses

Making the Great Helm by Crescent Moon Armouries

The complete book by Stothard. The monumental effigies of Great Britain

Armourers and their Workshops The Tools and Techniques of Late Medieval Armour Production by Nickolas Dupras

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