Paul F Walker was born in the 1960's in England where as a child he discovered his love for art and learning. After completing an uneventful schooling he left at 15 and the following year enrolled on a foundation course at Walsall art college. After successfully completing this course he trained in graphic communication where he specialised in illustration gaining a distinction in his subject. Afterwards, he moved into adult education where he taught fine art, photography, digital imaging, animation and illustration. 

During his teaching career he has studied the traditional methods of creating art and has made a lifelong commitment to studying art techniques.

In 2000 he started to make a study of British Military effigies and began to make a photographic record of the details of many across the country. At the same time he began to write about the armour that was displayed on these effigies and to aid these writings he created a series of illustrations that would show them as they may have been when first made.

In 2007 he compiled these works in the book Effigies and Armour and in 2013 The History of Armour 1100-1700 was published by Crowood press.

He now teaches traditional methods in painting and has given lectures in armour and weapons as an historical interpreter for English Heritage, and various other groups, specialising in the development of armour as well as the chivalric roles of the medieval Knight. 

He has an extensive library of images and paintings of effigies and armour that he has created over the past 30 years.

In 2014 Paul retired from full time teaching and unfortunately reduced the amount of artwork he does due to ill health, but he still enjoys sharing his knowledge on painting, armour and history. 


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