Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Agincourt and The Paper knights

(Addition to blog). Since I posted this blog I have found a link to Zio's paper kits. Find it here

As some of you will know by know I am, amongst other things, a keen (but amateur) modeller.  I have always had a liking for making things out of card and paper, so when I came across the Papermau website I found it fascinating. 

Amongst the trains, cars, and spaceships a small picture of Sir John Codrington appeared before my eyes. Sir John was Henry V's standard bearer at the battle of Agincourt and to see him made from paper (On horseback) was irresistible. I clicked on the link and, behold, A set of English knights and men at arms came up. 

I soon discovered that the site was owned by Fabrizio Prudenziati 1946-2014. Fabrizio had developed dozens of English and French knights and men-at-arms in kit form that could, (for a small  donation) be downloaded and printed off.

On his website can be found stunning paper cars, planes, trains and ships, and a fantastic castle, all made by Fabrizio. His kits are a joy to make and it is a great shame that he is no longer with us. 

Models from other periods are also covered and very nice kits of Richard the lion heart, Bertrand du Guesclin and knights from the siege of Castruccio 1325 can be found. Not content to stick with the medieval Fabrizio also made kits of Napolionic soldiers and soldiers from the Zulu wars. 

The two things I enjoy most (medieval armour and paper modelling) . I soon started making my first two models. Henry V and Sir John Codrington.

The kits printed off beautifully in full colour and I used slightly thicker drawing paper rather than the usual thin photocopy paper.  

The kits go together with some fiddling but I soon got the hang of how to role the paper and glue it. Before long quite a large little band of brothers was achieved. 

Archers, Gunners and Bill-men added to the scene and the coats of arms on each knight were outstanding. 

Knights could be made standing or mounted on a horse with correctly emblazoned comparison.

The French knights also had fantastic detail and each had differing details such as sword belts and helmets.

Henry V was a fantastic kit but I couldn't resist adding a little extra in the form of different shield and saddle. These were easily made by printing my own artwork to the same scale.

The faces of each knight had individual expressions and Sir Thomas Erpingham who lead the archers had his distinctive white beard,  

These lovely little models that stand around 15cm tall are fantastic and with simple tools and glue could be made into a stunning diorama. 

It is a shame that Fabrizio is no longer with us 

But his models live on. 

To read more about Fabrizio click link to the Papermau site below