Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Scale Armoured figures

Over the years I've collected and made a few small armoured figures. Here is a small selection of them.

Paper Knights of Agincourt.

Below are  medieval soldiers and knights from Agincourt. All are the creation of Italian designer Fabrizio Prudenziati. They were downloadable and much more incredible paper models, all for free, at Zio Prudenzio`s webpage but I have had trouble finding the link, However They can be seen on the paper kit site Papermau.

Henry V

Paper Agincourt Figures

Plastic Kits

I have made and painted many plastic kits over the years, lots were destroyed in youthful battles but a few have survived my childhood and have been repainted. Below are two of the Airfix 1:12 scale Historical figures.
 Airfix Edward Black Prince

Airfix Edward Black Prince.

Above and below. Airfix Richard I.

Airfix have an interesting Vintage forum

Below are a few of the 1:8 scale Aurora/Monogram knights.

Aurora Red knight

Above and below Aurora Blue Knight 

Aurora Black Knight

The old Aurora/Monogram knights are now made by Revell

Above and below are two of the 1:16 scale Miniart Historical figures.

Miniart produce a large range of Historical figures 

Other Kits can be seen on my Pinterest page 

Perry 25mm Miniatures

Last year I came across the 25mm Wars of the Roses Plastic Figures By Perry Miniatures. I purchased two sets. The mounted knights and Foot soldiers. Quite some time was taken making up each figure and then hours of painting which culminated in a small diorama mounted in a frame.

To add interest I also included in the background the 1:72 Red box Hussite artillery and 1:72 Zvezda Artillery. although they are smaller in scale they act as forced perspective. 

Richard III archers and artillery at Bosworth field

Richard III begins his fatal charge

Sir Percival Thirlwall centre carrying Richards Boar banner.

Ricardian men at arms