Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Paintings of Sir Richard Vernon died 1451

Two Watercolour paintings of Sir Richard Vernon. The first is a sketch made at Tong church and shows the Effigy of Sir Richard. In the painting I have enhanced the colours that are still visible  and can still be seen on his effigy.
If you want more information on Sir Richards armour click the yellow link below

The second painting shows Sir Richard as he may have looked whilst wearing armour that is the same as is effigy armour. 

Sir Richard Vernon (c. 1389 – 1451) was an English landowner, MP and speaker of the House of Commons. 
He inherited Tong Castle (now demolished) from his great uncle, Sir Fulke de Pembrugge and was created a Knight in 1418. 
Sir Richard was a Member of Parliament and Speaker of the House of Commons 
In 1444 he was appointed Treasurer of Calais.

Sir Richard is dressed in plate armour and rests his head upon a helm carrying the Vernon Crest (A Boar’s Head). Around his great basinet is a large circlet or Orle of gilt laurel leaves and pearls.

The SS livery collar he wears around the gorget of his bascinet is composed of links of silver letter ‘S’s which stand for ‘Soverayne’ this chain was given as a mark of distinction and has a badge at the centre containing the shamrock, rose and thistle, It was first introduced by Henry IV.

 The Orle of gilt laurel leaves and pearls above and my loosely based version below.

His armour is typical 1440's in style with very distinctive pauldrons being very different to the  earlier 1420's smaller spaulders as seen in my line illustration. 

The unusual Pauldrons that protect the shoulders.

The Spur and my painting below, the original colour of the strap is still visible on the effigy 

The Gauntlets that have two plates across the hand with separate finger plates

Buckles on the plates of the fauld

For more information on Sir Richards armour click the yellow  link below