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Two Illustrations of Ralph de Stafford

Ralph de Stafford born 24th September 1301, died 31st August 1372. He was 2nd Baron of Stafford and 1st Earl of Stafford, was a Knight of the Garter and a soldier during the Hundred Years War. He supported the plot to free Edward III  from the control of Roger Mortimer  he fought in Scotland on four campaigns, commanding archers at the Battle of Dupplin Moor on 11 Aug 1332.
My Cutaway illustration of the visor showing position of chin and neck. Watercolour on paper.

In France during 1338 his military career saw him accompanying King Edward and he was present at the battle of Sluys on 24 June 1340. He also fought at the relief of Brest and the siege of Morlaix. He was captured at Vannes being released to be present at the negotiations of a truce at Malestroit.

On 6 January 1341, he was made Steward of the Royal Household and in 1345 he became Seneschal of Aquitaine. He attended the battle of Auberoche, the siege of Aiguillon, and the Battle of Crecy.

 He became one of the twenty-six founding members and the fifth Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1348
Sir Ralph Stafford as seen on the Hastings Brass monument

My illustration is taken from the Hastings Brass monument,  he wears an early bascinet with neck guard on the visor. A copy of this helmet has been made and is on display at the Stafford castle museum.
The cutaway illustration that I painted (at top of page) reveals the level of protection the visor gives to face and neck.

Modern reproduction at Stafford castle museum.
My illustration of Ralph de Stafford as he would have looked. Taken from his depiction on a brass  monument.

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  1. My 19th Great Grandfather.......stunningly good illustrations. Thank you.