Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Line drawings

My line drawings are usually descriptive. I find that they are useful for me to get a sense of the shape that the armour has and help me to formulate the image in the round. 

I usually begin with a simple sketch in pencil to obtain the shape and when I am happy with it I erase any unwanted lines and use a Dip-pen and Indian ink to re draw the image. 

The line drawings often seem flat and can loose cohesion when using just one thickness of line, so I will often use the pen in such a way that the outlines of certain objects are thicker. This is done by simply pressing harder on the pen.

Many of my line drawings show the form of a particular type or part of an armour.

You can see more of my  line drawings by clicking the link below

Early 15th century Harness                                                                   14th century Coat of plates

16th century Harness                                                                    Elizabethan leg protection

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  1. Superb illustrations - you're not only a talented artist, but a great historian.