Friday, 5 September 2014

My Artwork for Knights of Brass and Stone

Knights of Brass and Stone will look at the lives and armour of character's that are depicted on Monumental Brasses. I will be working on many illustrations some of which you will see here and in other posts on this site.

The oil painting I have been working on below is of a typical Elizabethan Harness. This is painted in Oils on canvas and is loosely based on the portrait of  ROBERT DEVEREUX (1566-1601), 2ND EARL OF ESSEX

Above. Detail of Essex painting

Above. Marker pens. 16th c close helm

Above. Oil painting 16th century vanitas

Above. Oil painting of a 16th c Close helm

 The painting below which is a Watercolour on Board depicts Richard III's charge at Bosworth field but it is the knight to the right in the forground who is in my book, William Catesby. He is depicted in armour that can be seen on his Brass in Ashby St Ledgers. William fought with Richard at Bosworth but was captured and executed three days after the battle. The poem 'The Catte the Ratte and Lovell our Dogge rulyth all England under a hogge, was coined by William Collingbourne in 1485. The Catte being Catesby.
See this painting in detail by clicking on the yellow link below

Above. Richard III left and Catesby right. Both wearing a tabard displaying their coat of arms

Left. watercolour showing 14th c armour

Illustration of Sir Miles Stapleton 1364 as he is depicted on his brass in Ingham Norfolk'
He wears stud and splint armour.

Find out more about Sir Miles by clicking the yellow link below

Above. sketches for future paintings.
To see more Sketches for Knights of brass and stone click yellow link below

To see these paintings and find out more about my painting techniques click yellow link below.

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